The Technoskeptic Issue 2 Cover

Print Preview: Issue #2 | Spring 2019

We here at The Technoskeptic are happy to announce that the Spring 2019 issue of our magazine is off to the printer, so that it can start shipping at the beginning of March. Here’s what you can look forward to in Issue #2:

Amazon has spent two decades ruthlessly trying to corner every market in the economy; now it must create markets where there weren’t any—in this case, academic research. In our cover story, Isabel Sterne takes a look at Amazon’s self-created role as a mediator of social science through their gig platform Mechanical Turk.

Elsewhere in the issue, media professors Elizabeth Brunner and Zac Gershberg come up with new language to reveal and explain the techniques used by Russia to influence American electoral politics. Contributing editor Art Keller discovers the shocking origin and impact of a dangerous street drug that has been overshadowed by the opioid crisis—synthetic marijuana. David Reynolds takes us on a deep dive of rivers, demonstrating how the hydroelectric dam is ecologically devastating. Author Eric Brende follows the trail of Marshall McLuhan as he investigates the role of media in the deadly 2011 Joplin, Missouri tornado. And finally, editor Mo Lotman interviews author and personality Douglas Rushkoff in the wake of his popular podcast and new book of the same name, Team Human.

We’ve decided to give you a taste of our 2nd issue by previewing David’s article about dams here on the site. That said, we recommend reading his piece in the print edition, where it comes to vivid life with a lot more photography. The other pieces are not available online.

Issue #2 represents a tremendous effort from us here at The Technoskeptic to diligently bring you a view of the world you can’t quite get anywhere else. To get your copy, subscribe and have the magazine waiting for you in your mailbox in early March (and subsequent issues quarterly). Or, you can find The Technoskeptic in a very select but growing number of bookstores and newsstands. Currently that includes locations in Oregon, California, Washington, Illinois, and Massachusetts—view the current list here. We are currently seeking national distribution. Ask your local bookstore to carry us.

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The Technoskeptic Issue 2