Mind Reading

Facebook Hits New Low for Invasive Creepiness

Not content with pervasively tracking your online activity and buying up information about your offline activity as well, Facebook now wants to invade the sanctity of your brain directly. According to a Tech Crunch report, “Facebook hopes to optically scan your brain 100 times per second to determine what you’re silently saying in your head and convert it to text. Facebook’s goal is to let you type at 100 words per minute, five times faster than on a phone.” Apparently nobody on the Facebook team has ever imagined what would happen if this most invasive of all technologies is used without a person’s knowledge or consent (as every technological capability ever invented has been). Perhaps they simply think people will believe saving typing time is worth allowing an amoral corporation with an insatiable appetite for personal data access to the vaults of our minds. —AK

Photo: iStock.com / cyano66