Tech gone South

Halo Around Tech Companies Dimming

Once seen as the darlings of enlightened social change, the tech giants are now on the defensive for creating problems instead of solving them, reports the New York Times. The list of issues is growing: Russian interference in last year’s presidential election, the coarsening of public dialogue, and erosion of privacy are just a few of the critiques now being aimed at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and others. Should anyone be surprised? These companies have consolidated their monopoly power and amassed levels of wealth that would make the robber barons envious. “For ten years, the arguments in tech were about which chief executive was more like Jesus. Which one was going to run for president. Who did the best job convincing the work force to lean in,” said Scott Galloway, a professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business. “Now sentiments are shifting. The worm has turned.” —TV