The Perpetual Lineup

Privacy Advocates Sue NYPD Over Use of Facial Recognition Tech

The Georgetown Center on Privacy and Technology, which issued “The Perpetual Line-Up,” a 2016 report about expanding law-enforcement use of facial recognition technology, just filed a lawsuit against the New York Police Department for violating New York’s Freedom of Information Law. Georgetown asserts that the NYPD’s reply to a request for information on use of facial recognition technology, in use since 2011, was utterly implausible. The NYPD turned over only four pages of records, not even enough to account for invoices from the technology vendors. Clare Garvie, who spoke to The Technoskeptic last December about the report, said, “Face recognition is too powerful, and its price on privacy and civil liberties too high, to not be controlled by robust policies and training guides. If these records do in fact exist, it is against both New York law and the interests of the public to keep them secret.” —AK

Photo: The Georgetown Center on Privacy and Technology

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