Spectre and Meltdown Glitches Threaten Computers Worldwide

A pair of significant new vulnerabilities named Spectre and Meltdown has been discovered that threaten the security of computers worldwide, with no complete fix. “Pretty much every major processor made in the past 20 years is vulnerable,” with cloud services being particularly at risk, security guru Bruce Schneier reported. Microsoft, Apple, and Intel are working feverishly to patch Meltdown, which could come at the cost of processor speed, but Spectre has no clear patch; the problem in both cases resides in hardware, meaning that a true solution won’t come until new chips are developed. The glitch can give hackers access to data across processes and apps; the patches can in some cases conflict with anti-virus software and be difficult to install. In the meantime, hackers will attempt to take full advantage of the situation. —TV

Photo: iStock.com / meteo