Voting Machine

DEF CON Highlights US Voting Machines’ Vulnerability  

With the subject of election hacking at the top of the news cycle for months, the organizers of Las Vegas’s annual hacking conference, DEF CON, decided to create a “Voting Village” with a variety of electronic vote-tallying equipment purchased online. DEF CON organizers then invited attendees to hack the voting machines. Many of the machines were hackable if physically accessed, but more ominously, a few of the machines running old “Win Vote” Windows software were able to be hacked remotely via wi-fi. Machines with updated software would be a bigger challenge, but if the wave of hospitals falling victim to ransomware attacks in the last 18 months proved anything, it was that IT departments of large institutions frequently fail to patch their software, despite known threats and potentially lethal results. —AK

Photo: / lisafx