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Why America Needs Technoskepticism

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With the presidential election turning on economic issues, Art Keller points out that neither party addressed the major cause of today’s inequality and job insecurity, nor has any plan to deal with it now. Hint: it isn’t trade.

Podcast #7: Bob McChesney on Capitalism and Technology

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Are we in capitalism’s end days? University of Illinois Professor Robert McChesney thinks we might be, or at least we might need to be, if technology continues to displace workers and concentrate wealth. He is a long-time observer of the interplay between media, policy, economics, and society; he sat down with The Technoskeptic to discuss the ramifications of technological automation on our economic system and our democracy. Professor McChesney has written more than 20 books including Digital Disconnect: How Capitalism is Turning the Internet Against Democracy. His latest, co-written with John Nichols, is People Get Ready: The Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy.

A Public Service Announcement from The Technoskeptic

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We won’t make videos often, but sometimes you need to engage the tools of prison to break out. Here’s a message we believe many people can take to heart. Many thanks to Jason Walsh and the Infinite Canvas team, the lovely and talented Mary Mihovan, and crooner extraordinaire Colin Metz. We hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to share and disseminate (unedited) as you wish.

Podcast #6: Kentaro Toyama on the Fallacies of Tech in Development

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Kentaro Toyama is Professor of Community Information at the University of Michigan and the author of the book Geek Heresy. After spending five years in India attempting to deploy technology to aid international development, he came back disillusioned. He chats with the Technoskeptic about his experience there and in years of teaching that gave him an understanding of how technology often exacerbates, rather than levels, underlying disparities.