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The Technoskeptic published four print issues in 2018–19 which were available nationally through Barnes and Noble, independent boooksellers, and via subscription. We regret that we were unable to sustain the print edition financially. We still believe that print is a superior medium for consolidating attention and offering space for reflection. Many of the topics we covered are still relevant. Below is a description of each issue. If you are interested in ordering copies of back issues, send an email to

Issue #4, Fall 2019

Issue 4 (46 pages) relates resurgent nationalism and tribalism to the explosion of electronic media through the work of Marshall and Eric McLuhan; explores strategies of protest under censorship in China; examines the selfie mural and its impact on public space; reveals the hidden physical infrastructure of the “cloud”; offers summaries of nine excellent technoskeptical books; and includes an interview with UK headmistress Katherine Birbalsingh regarding her school’s smartphone ban.

Issue #3, Summer 2019

Our third issue (48 pages) offers a national survey of digital device use in public, an investigation of electronic medical records, an accounting of the impact of photo-sharing on natural spaces, a rumination on needed tech oversight, and a review and excerpt of Shoshana Zuboff’s The Age of Surveillance Capitalism.

Issue #2, Spring 2019

Our second issue (52 pages) explores Amazon's role as mediator of academic research, the shocking origin of synthetic marijuana, Russia's methods of social media disinformation, the influence of media in the deadly 2011 Joplin tornado, the ecological fallout from dams, and an interview with author Douglas Rushkoff.

Issue #1, Fall 2018

Our first issue (40 pages) explores Airbnb's effect on communities, why "100% renewable" pledges may not be enough, the nature of change itself, an interview with author Andrew Keen, and more.