Print Preview: Issue #3 | Summer 2019

Have you ever wondered what happened to public space? In the era of the smartphone, the simple yet crucial human act of relating to each other in the present moment has been nearly extinguished, with barely a whimper. In the cover story to our newest print issue, we stop to take stock of what’s actually going on in our public ways with a national visual survey of device use. Are people more distracted in Detroit or Denver? And what is the impact of this dissociative behavior?

Elsewhere in Issue 3, Art Keller debunks the myth of electronic medical records. If you thought digital technology was ushering in a new era of extraordinary health care, this article promises to disillusion you fairly quickly. One known way to improve health is to spend time in nature—just be careful how you post your pics. That’s one thing Veronica Dawson explores in an article about yet another unintended consequence of tech—wilderness trampled from copycat photo-takers.

Kentaro Toyama wonders where the true tech reform activists are, suggesting we need a watershed moment comparable to the exposé of the automobile industry by Ralph Nader. If there is a similar emerging figure, it may possibly be Shoshana Zuboff, whose epic book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism is nearly as audacious and comprehensive as the rapacious empire she confronts. That’s the subject of a review by Geoff Dutton, which is followed by an excerpt of the book itself.

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