Pawn King

Is it Time to Separate Science From Technology?

While science and technology are usually paired in modern discourse, the false relationship hides ulterior motives.


Portland Becomes First US City to Stop Fossil Fuel Expansion

Responding to powerful grass-roots activism, Portland’s government passed a law, recently upheld by the Oregon Court of Appeals, to arrest further construction or expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure in the city.

Maple Sugaring

How Climate Change Could Affect Culinary Culture

Climate change is already affecting agriculture. What will this mean for iconic food items that help define cultures? Can we gracefully adapt?

Julie Brigham-Grette

Podcast #13: Julie Brigham-Grette, Climate Scientist

Julie Brigham-Grette has been studying climate history for decades; she gives it to us straight about what’s happening in the Arctic with warming and sea-level rise.

Podcast #1: Lee Spector and the future of AI

Computer Scientist Lee Spector sits down with The Technoskeptic for a wide-ranging discussion about artificial intelligence, the dangers and benefits of machine learning, and what it means to be human.